Operations and Inventory Control Clerk

Experience & Activities

At this time, we are accepting resumes for the position of Operations and Inventory Control Clerk. Accountable to the Operations Manager to support the packaging and treating of seed products, delivering of Crop Protection and Seed products where required, and for inventory management of Seed, seed treatments and Crop Protection products at the Eberts facility


Operations: Seed and Crop Protection

  • Documenting returned items
  • Conducting quality checks on stored inventory to comply with company standards
  • Maintain chemical log book and complete checks
  • Ensure all paperwork is created prior to release of Crop Protection Products.
  • Organizing and order assembly of prepackaged seed.
  • Receiving and monitor storage of untreated bulk seed
  • Precise treatment of fungicide, insecticide, and value-added treatments to bare seed as required
  • Detail record keeping and preparation for Canadian Seed Institute audit
  • Provide reports and backup to seed procurement
  • Maintain AWSA standards (Eberts & Becher location) as regarded to seed treating and Crop Production warehousing.

Other duties as assigned

  • Off season delivery of Seed and Crop Protection products as required
  • Custom Application Equipment proficiency – backup only
  • Other off season duties provided by the Operation Manager when needed



  • Requires an O.S.S.D diploma
  • More than one year but less than three years of relevant experience required
  • Obtain licenses as required ie. AZ/DZ, Seed Treatment and Pesticides
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