Southwest Agromart offers aerial fungicide spraying services throughout Sarnia and beyond, with aerial fungicide spraying availability in July and August. Aerial fungicide spraying has many benefits though it’s primarily known for its rapid and thorough coverage of large farmland areas.

The Basics Of Aerial Fungicide Spraying

Aerial fungicide spraying is a notable advanced technology for crop protection, presenting Sarnia farmers with a rapid, efficient, and environmentally sustainable method to combat fungal diseases within their crops. Delaro Complete and Veltyma fungicides are used in this process.

Safeguard Your Crops With Bayer’s Delaro Complete Fungicide Spraying

Delaro ensures effective protection against key corn and soybean diseases through its combination of Fluopyram, Prothioconazole, and Trifloxystrobin. These components work harmoniously to deliver exceptional protection, particularly in regions with high disease prevalence.

Enhanced Fungicide Spraying With Veltyma – Revysol by BASF

Veltyma – Revysol by BASF, delivers fast and extensive control of fungal diseases in corn. The binding activity of Revysol enhances Veltyma’s residual effectiveness and performance. This liquid formulation is recognized for its health-promoting properties, aiding growth efficiency, stress management, and boosting yield potential.

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