Southwest Agromarts aerial fungicide spraying program runs in July and August in partnership with Great Lakes Helicopter. The products that we offer are Delaro Complete and Veltyma.

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For more information on our featured products, see below:

Delaro Complete by Bayer

Delaro provides effective control of major corn and soybean diseases using their threes modes of action; Fluopyram, Prothioconazole, and Trifloxystrobin. These 3 modes work in tandem for added protection and offer excellent protection in high-disease situations.

Veltyma; Revysol Fungicide by Basf

Fast acting control over a broad spectrum of foliar diseases in corn. Veltyma provides extended residual activity and enhanced performance provided by the binding activity of Revysol. This liquid product has proven health benefits for increased growth efficiency, better management of minor stress and greater yield potential.