Professional Soil Testing Service for Chatham-Kent and Beyond

We provide soil testing services (Agronomy) to Chatham-Kent and beyond. Soil testing is crucial, to ensure maximum yields and reduce farming operating costs as much as possible. We will test your soil and measure the nutritional values to ensure optimal crop growth and development. Depending on your soil testing results, we will advise on where fertilizer is required, and provide this fertilizing service at your location as required.

Comprehensive Soil Testing

Our soil testing technicians will discuss your growing expectations and needs, taking both your expected harvest and financial goals into consideration. Our soil technicians will help you to ensure that you are using the correct products for your operation, at the right volume, at the correct times, and in the right locations!

Mobile Soil Testing Available

We can test your soil by visiting your Chatham-Kent location, or you can visit provide us with your soil samples for simple testing within our in-house laboratory.

Discuss Your Soil Testing Needs

Make informed management decisions around fertility with accurate soil testing, if you are local to Chatham-Kent, contact us to inquire about our soil testing services today.