Proudly serving Ridgetown and its neighbouring areas, Southwest Agromart provides aerial fungicide spraying services. Available during July and August, aerial fungicide spraying is ideal for its swift and thorough coverage of extensive farmland areas.

Decoding Aerial Fungicide Spraying

Aerial fungicide spraying represents a significant advancement in crop protection technology, providing Ridgetown farmers with a fast, efficient, and environmentally responsible method for protecting their crops from fungal diseases. We provide fungicide products that are made by Delaro Complete and Veltyma.

Discover The Benefits Of Delaro Complete By Bayer Fungicide Spraying

Delaro offers comprehensive control of key corn and soybean diseases through the combined actions of Fluopyram, Prothioconazole, and Trifloxystrobin. This triple-action formula ensures heightened protection, especially in areas with high disease incidence.

Efficient Fungicide Spraying With Veltyma – Revysol by BASF

Veltyma – Revysol by BASF, delivers rapid and extensive control of fungal diseases in corn. The binding activity of Revysol contributes to Veltyma’s prolonged residual efficacy and improved performance. This liquid product is renowned for its health benefits, enhancing growth efficiency, stress tolerance, and yield potential.

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