Southwest Agromart is committed to offering aerial fungicide spraying services across Southwestern Ontario, with aerial fungicide spraying availability in July and August. Primarily known for its efficient coverage of large farmland areas, aerial fungicide spraying provides prompt results.

Aerial Fungicide Spraying Demystified

Aerial fungicide spraying is a groundbreaking technology in crop protection, providing farmers in Southwestern Ontario with a rapid, efficient, and environmentally responsible method for protecting their crops from fungal diseases. Delaro Complete and Veltyma are the key fungicides used.

Ensure Crop Health With Delaro Complete Fungicide Spraying by Bayer

Delaro delivers effective management of major corn and soybean diseases with its blend of Fluopyram, Prothioconazole, and Trifloxystrobin. These components work in tandem to provide unmatched protection, particularly in regions with high disease pressure.

Thorough Fungicide Spraying With Veltyma – Revysol by BASF

Veltyma – Revysol by BASF, delivers fast-acting and broad-spectrum control of fungal diseases in corn. The binding activity of Revysol enhances Veltyma’s residual effectiveness and performance. This liquid solution is known for its health-promoting properties, aiding growth efficiency, stress management, and boosting yield potential.

For thorough aerial fungicide spraying in Southwestern Ontario, contact us today for a complimentary consultation.