Southwest Agromart takes pride in offering aerial fungicide spraying services across Chatham-Kent and beyond, with aerial fungicide spraying available in the months of July and August. Aerial fungicide spraying is particularly advantageous for its ability to rapidly and effectively cover expansive farmland areas.

Exploring Aerial Fungicide Spraying

Revolutionizing crop protection, aerial fungicide spraying is a cutting-edge technology offering Chatham-Kent farmers a swift, effective, and environmentally friendly solution to fungal diseases. Our fungicide products, manufactured by Delaro Complete and Veltyma, are at the forefront of this innovation.

Experience Delaro Complete Fungicide Spraying By Bayer

Delaro achieves powerful control over key corn and soybean diseases through its three-pronged approach: Fluopyram, Prothioconazole, and Trifloxystrobin. These modes of action complement each other, providing exceptional protection in areas with high disease prevalence.

Expert Fungicide Spraying With Veltyma – Revysol by BASF

Veltyma – Revysol by BASF, delivers rapid and broad-spectrum fungicidal control in corn. Veltyma’s extended residual effect and improved performance are attributed to Revysol’s binding activity. This liquid formulation is proven to promote health, enhance growth efficiency, manage minor stress, and maximize yield potential.

Seeking comprehensive aerial fungicide spraying services in Chatham-Kent? Reach out to us today for a complimentary consultation.