Southwest Agromart is dedicated to offering aerial fungicide spraying services throughout Wallaceburg and beyond, with aerial fungicide spraying available in July and August. Advantageous for its ability to efficiently cover vast farmland areas, aerial fungicide spraying provides quick and efficient results.

Aerial Fungicide Spraying Explained

Representing a major leap in crop protection, aerial fungicide spraying is an innovative technology that offers Wallaceburg farmers a quick, effective, and environmentally sustainable approach to combating fungal diseases. Our fungicide products from Delaro Complete and Veltyma, exemplify this progress.

Protect Your Crops With Bayer’s Delaro Complete Fungicide Spraying

Delaro excels in combating major corn and soybean diseases with its unique blend of Fluopyram, Prothioconazole, and Trifloxystrobin. These components harmonize to deliver robust protection, particularly beneficial in environments where disease prevalence is high.

Effective Fungicide Spraying With Veltyma – Revysol by BASF

Veltyma – Revysol by BASF, provides fast and effective control of various fungal diseases in corn. The binding activity of Revysol enhances Veltyma’s residual effectiveness and overall performance. This liquid solution is known for its health-promoting properties, aiding growth efficiency, stress management, and boosting yield potential.

For comprehensive aerial fungicide spraying in Wallaceburg, reach out to us today for a free consultation.